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Are these real?
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Keep in mind though that when you compare a plant dedicated bulb, be it Planta or GE 9325 or Florasun and such, side by side to a 6500K or 10000K bulb, the latter will always look much brighter. To us. Maybe not to the plants. That's the point of the plant-specific spectrum bulbs.

If apparent brightness is your concern, then by all means avoid those pinkish looking things.

I like to use them in combination with other bulbs since they counter the green hue of most tanks, emphasize red/pink plants, and (for my taste) make the tank look much crisper and better balanced.

As for the GE Starcoats, they turn dim and yellow on me after only a few months. I am going to avoid them in future, especially now that you can get a 10000K bulb for the same money from the Drs.
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