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i would let them float for a bit longer and then plant when they get more roots. i know with house plants the roots are alot more fragile when starting in water. things like spider plants and african violets will root well in water but when you go to put them in dirt it can easily breat the roots. so i would think the more roots the better. and might go with sand instead of gravel. i would poke holes in the bottom of those type containers put some gravel in as a weight, then potting soil (i like miracle grow organic in the brown bag) and top with sand..... set just the roots on top of the soil/dirt and then sprinkle a bit of sand on it to hold in place and then stick under water and add a bit more sand to make sure it was held down well. might still let one float and see if other leaves will form as well cause it would prob be better to plant with more leaves on it but who know cause i dont keep these. good luck and awsome you are getting new starts off the old plants
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