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Just finished doing a major trim of the dhg, and replaced the hair-algae infested clover with nymphoides sp. "Taiwan". The nymphoides should grow in taller and offer more cover.

The hc is finally filling in densely towards the back. I'm looking at doing the first major trim (not sure how low to go though), and possibly taking it out in the front of the large stone. Here's a fts as it is now:

and here's if the hc is trimmed back from the front of the large stone, and replaced with ADA Mekong Sand, or similar:

Part of the reason for removing the hc in front of the rock is that the stone comes within a 1/2" of the front of the tank, and the hc doesn't really have enough room to fill in nicely at that spot. The shrimp and khuli loaches frequently enter/exit the cave under the stone at this spot, so I thought the sand might keep it more accessible for them.

Here's a couple other shots of the inhabitants.

male danio in his favorite spot

an amano shrimp with one of the new cherry juvies

And trying out a side shot... look at all that bba!

my little eden
7g nano, a work in progress

cherry shrimp vase

3g semi-emersed bowl

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