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Hey guys! I am back with another update of the tank! Today was a big day! Had to do a water change, spot treat some algae spots with Excel and cleaned the glass of the tank. But no trimming this week. So I decided to show some of my methods for water changing and then show the tank!

For Starters, it is always good to have a wingman or a wing-woman. This is vital to your success. Here's mine:

Next We go on to taking out the water of the tank:
The water goes into a bucket on a board on wheels xD. Its a 25-30g bucket ( I really can't remember which one ). I then just wheel the bucket out towards back yard and use some powerheads to water flowers and other things
I have 2 of these buckets at the moment, one for taking water out, and one for putting it back in.

So at this point ( around 2 buckets full of water is out so roughly 50 gallons of water ) is out of the tank. This is when I took just a small medicine pipette and started spot treating some of the problem algae spots. I choose to use this method for algae spots as opposed to treating the whole tank just out of safety. I also clean the glass as best I can at this point as well!

Next comes filling the tank back up. Remember that massive bucket I used to take out the water? Well I use another to put water back into the tank! I simply roll it over to my water source, fill up some 5 gallon buckets from home depot and pour them in. I then take a power head and use it fill the tank back up.

I use my Magnetic Algae scrubber as a way to kind of break up the flow of the output from the powerhead.

It takes quite a while to fill the tank back up, but it keeps from disturbing my fish and it makes life easier!
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