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Originally Posted by Dx3Bash View Post
Jurupari are for the most part a docile cichlid, so no issue with them. I am not familiar with the social behavior of Delhezi Bichirs. I think the only fish that could potentially cause issue is the Red tailed shark. They can become agressive and nippy. He may stress the angels. I'm sure they have been kept together since both species are very popular aquarium fish, so maybe someone with first hand experience can chime in.

The tank is large enough that you should be able to keep a couple of pairs of angles without too much issue. Maybe all 8 can coexist without issue. Time will tell.
Oh yes, the shark is a very mean little thing!!! However she has calmed down lately, and besides the initial showing-them-who's-boss routine, she leaves newcomers alone. The only fish she is concerned with beating up, are the Eartheaters, and that's usually just during feeding time.
The Delhezi's mostly just hang out in the plants during the day, and do all their exploring at night. The large one did eat 1 Platy, but has never touched any other fish...Not sure why he decided to eat just the one...Anyways, Angels are way bigger than Platys!
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