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The big tank...

Hi guys!! I've been so busy with school, homework, foster dogs, etc. lately that I haven't been able to do anything on my tanks. However, I'm finally all caught up on school work, so I'm back in the game now. Long story short, I want to tear down my 3 small tanks and go with one big one. However in one of my smaller tanks, I have 8 Angels that I really don't want to get rid of...At least, not all of them. We originally got them to see if we could get a pair to form, but it hasn't happened quite yet.

Do you guys think they could be kept in my 100?

My 100 gallon currently has:
6 Eartheaters (5 G. Altifrons & 1 S. Jurupari)
2 Delhezi Bichirs(will be sold if they cause problems with other fish when they get bigger. So far so good.)
A small school of Odessa Barbs
A few livebearers
A Chocolate Pleco(will most likely be sold once he's bigger)
1 German Blue Ram
1 Red Tail Black Shark

I do 50% water changes every week, and the filtration is a beastly fx5 with 6 boxes of Biomax in it.
The Eartheaters, even though they're big, don't hurt anyone. When I added the Ram, she chased them around the tank, just to make sure they knew who was boss...I added some feeders once, the size of week old Molly fry, and the Eartheaters went and hid. They are THAT wimpy.
Do you guys think the Angels could be kept in that tank? Would they pair up, and if they did pair, would I need to remove the other 6 after a pair forms?
I could just use some advice on this Thanks guys!
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