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Brick, NJ here..

I do most of my shopping at Sharkey's on 88 in Point Pleasant. Mark (the owner) has the cleanest, healthiest tanks around and the best selection of fish and plants in the area.

I was able to find Yasuhikotakia sidthimunki (dwarf chain loaches) there, which are rare to find at a LFS and are great for eating up snails in smaller tanks where you can't fit clown loaches.

I'm big on rasboras and I've bought some rare ones from there like the blue axelrod -- which are beautiful (under light they sparkle). I've also seen him stock galaxy rasboras, and more recently, emerald rasboras, and neon green kubotai rasboras (all of which are uncommon and high-demand).

He stocks shrimp (I've purchased RCS, BCS, red lazurite's, orange cherry's and yellow cherry's from there for my eheim aquastyle tank which I also got from there).

Good selection of plants -- you just have to get there when he gets a shipment in as they have a high turnover there. They're always healthy looking and rarely look like they're dying like other stores. I got my flame moss, wisteria, banana plant, moss balls, anubias, and amazon swords from him.

t's a small shop so it could be easy to miss, but it's the best in the area that I've been to. I haven't seen him stock tanks larger than 20 gallons because the shop is small, but he recently did a quote for me on a 55gallon tank/cabinet/filtration/lighting package for a custom order.

Prices there are the best around. His pricing competes with online pricing and most of the time beats online pricing.

Anyway, sorry for typing so much -- I just wanted to give everyone an idea on the gems that can be found there

Someone else mentioned the Tropiquarium on 35. Place is HUGE. It has a diverse selection of plants but many looked like they were close to dead. I did get my galaxy rasboras and butterfly loaches from there, as well as some duckweed which looks awesome floating in my eheim aquastyle tank. Great saltwater selection -- but saltwater isn't my thing. I'd recommend a trip there at least once for anyone, but Sharkey's is my go-to place, just can't beat it.
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