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Planted Tank Test

I am a bit gun-shy as I have attempted plants and failed several times in the past. I am set up now testing a low tech approach. I would like any feedback on my set up.

50G tank, cycled, 18" deep, 48" width, new plant friendly substrate about 3". Light fish load. Parameters amm 0 nitrite 0 and nitrates 10 seems constant. pH stays around 7.4 particulate is 250-300, have not been looking at anything else. Temp stays around 80F. I have a two bulb T5HO fixture and I am running one bulb only for 7 hr a day, a 6700k new bulb. I have a Marineland HOB filter, water is clear and algae is under control. I have an O2 bubbler set on low.

I have added no ferts. I have added three test plants to see if they will survive for about two months, java fern, Anubis, and dwarf hair grass.

Will this work do you think?
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