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Nothing quite like late night rescaping! I have to admit, I really like how clean and simple it is to rescape the land portion of the tank. No mess, no fuss, just rearranging rocks at half past midnight. Think I might get some more rocks from the yard though, it doesn't quite feel complete yet...

I actually did the rescaping last weekend, and the pilea seems to approve. It's not quite as out of control as it was in the last setup, but it's growing like a weed. The sea of green it's creating does look pretty nice though, easiest carpeting plant ever, hahaha. I took a few pics of the planters out of the tank while I was rescaping and watering them. The hanging planter works pretty well, but drains water extremely quickly, so I have to do something to keep water in there long enough for the soil to absorb some water.

The tillandsias seem to be doing well, although I'm fairly certain that some from the first shipment I received are dying. They never quite seemed as healthy as the second shipment, but I've thought about replacing them...probably not for awhile. I bought a special surprise for this tank. It was a bit...expensive. The whole setup though has still cost less than $100...barely.

In aqualand, things are going well. Plants are growing, shrimp are growing, and some babies are distinctly more blueish than the regular red rili babies I have. Wonder how things will react to the new lighting I'm getting.
Oh? Did I not mention that's what I got? Silly me. I got the 12", 6 watt version. I thought about doing the high output lights, but I couldn't find the 12" 6700k version at a reasonable price. Also, I don't know if my tank could handle that...Hope it works!

watering the pilea, notice the hanging planter

The rescaped tank

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