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Starting up a 20 gallon long

I'm starting up a proper 20 gallon long low tech planted for corydoras and kuhli loaches and I had a few questions.

After doing some reading, I plan to use CFL lighting because I can clip it onto the back and go without a lid, letting my Wisteria grow out of the tank. I know the spiral bulbs are affected differently for the Watts Per Gallon rule, so in a 20 gallon long with 2 lights, what kind of wattage am I looking for?

Co2 - None, not experimenting with that yet, if this 20 long works out well, I might convert my 75 gallon into a planted and try co2 then

Plants - Water Wisteria, Water Sprite, Java Fern, various Crypts

Substrate - Playsand, I'm keeping this low cost for now so I wont be using special plant soil

Ferts - I have liquid ferts I bought from Big Als ( A Canadian chain ) its their own brand ( for 32 ounces, it was pretty cheap. I also plan to buy some fert tabs for the crypts and any Sprite or Wisteria I dont float. I've been suggested to crush some up before adding the sand to get a good boost when the tank is fresh. Since I plan to have some floating, is it ok to use both liquid and tabs without poisoning the fish? I know too much iron can be bad

Any inputs or thoughts? I'm excited to start this tank once I get some plants off Ebay
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