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Honestly, it's pretty decent for an all-in-one tank. The best part is the super clear glass with no seams. Construction/quality overall is pretty nice. The filter compartment has been improved. It is no longer removable like the website states, but is now sealed which is a good thing. The pump in this freshwater version is pretty powerful for the size of the tank. The light system is just a JBJ Flipper modified for freshwater (no blue leds). I'm not blown away by it, but I'm satisfied with it and was the best option of what's available out there for me. The price point is about right for what you get.

BTW, still no ammonia. Tomorrow is a week that it's been set up. Been doing 75% water changes daily (except today) and have been adding the ADA ferts and bacter since tuesday. Plants are hanging in there. Some browning... more from the hair grass than anything else. Have some brown "dust" on the rocks and glass. Not sure if it's algae or if its from the Amazonia.

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