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I never had much luck with it. I tried it 6 or 7 times, with 2 liter bottles and the provided "bottles". I tried to be very scientific with it each time. I had 2 bottles and ladders mixed at exactly the same time with exactly the same water and formula. Sometimes it would work very well, sometimes it would be a dud. Seems like the trick was to have the water hot enough to help the yeast along but not too hot to kill it. I never had one last for more than a week or so. It was a big production, and an even bigger mess every single time. I invested in a 10 lb pressurized co2 tank with regulator, and have never looked back. I use an Up-Aqua atomizer with a "bazooka" tube to diffuse the co2 directly into the return hose from my canister filter. I rigged the return so it came out halfway deep in the water of my 75 gallon tank. The bubbles come out almost microscopic. It works great and minimal equipment in the tank makes it look great! After setup cost is about 10 bucks every 2 1/2 months to get the tank filled. About 2 minutes with some teflon tape and a wrench, 5 minutes to dial it in and... done. Besides that, the look of wonder on the guys faces at the welding shop makes me laugh everytime. My point is I guess it all really BOILS (see what I did there?) down to whats your time, effort, buying yeast, pounds of sugar, etc... really worth? Ask yourself, why don't I ride a bicycle to work everyday? Because the car has been invented... I didn't mean to ramble or be a wizenheimer, but it really is much much better.
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