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I can test this weekend for all params but I can tell you mine are in pH 8.2, GH and KH is probably through the roof cause it's mostly tap (which generally runs about GH 10, KH 16) and temp is low because it's cold in that room so probably running around 70-72 degrees in the tank and they are breeding. Got PFRs in with 'em. TDS is right at 200 which is generally where I keep my neos (180-200). Lots of folks go WAY higher than that, that's just what I like to keep mine at. I'll try to test this weekend, just did a water change 20 minutes ago so I'll let things settle. They are in a tank with river gravel and pool filter sand...and CPOs. Lots of moss and java ferns and plastic plants (plastic plants grow biolfilm too)

Now, back when I had them in the other tank, they were breeding well there too. Params TOTALLY different. pH was 6.8, kh was 2, GH 7. Temp was 70-72 degrees. THAT info I have all written down. The tank they are in now I sort of ignore for the most part as far as testing.
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