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New member here, first post questions.

Hello, just found these forums the other day while doing research for my tank and looks like a good place to be. I am setting up my tank again for the first time in 5 years. Did not have room for it at the last place I was at. Just bought a house recently and have the pefect wall in the living to get my 55gl back up and running. Ive been scrambling to regain some lost knowledge haha. Ive had a few live plants before with diy co2 and four flourescent tubes. I want to go heavily planted this time around and trying to get it setup properly. I may have to stick with diy co2 until I can afford to get into a pressurized system. My setup right now is 55g tank with birch stand and canopy. Emperor 400 filter, 200w heater, and cheapo gravel substrate. Wanted to get flourite, but couldnt spend the $20 per bag at this time. The tank is up and running and ive started cycling it with three small giant danio's. No lights yet, still researching that part and that what my current question is. I used to always run just cheap flourescent shop lamps with two to four aquarium/plant tubes for Osh. Ive been looking into led fixtures and really like the Marineland double bright 48" led light I found on Amazon. Lower power consumption, lower heat, and not replacing tubes sounds great. Would this be enough light for a planted tank? Any other advise is greatly appreciated. Plan is to have alot of plants, tetras, and lots of shrimp. Is there anyhting I can add to my cheap gravel substrate to help it out? Was thinking of maybe picking up one bag of flourite and dumping it on top of the gravel. Needs to be a little deeper still anyways. Thanks.
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