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NWA--LOL!! That's hilarious! I used to watch my buddy play Resident Evil 2 and Shadow Man back in the day, and he would get frightened playing those games. It was hilarious!! Some of the best times I had were staying in on the weekends drinking and watching that dude play his video games, and waiting for him to get scared. TOO FUNNY!!!

Bob---I don't even know. E. Porax, Epidendrum, tolumnia sylvestris....I think that's it. Getting a few others hopefully next week. They're all growing fine....just no flowers yet. Any ideas?

Obakemono.....I wouldn't say "weather patterns." It's just the latent heat from the lights warming everything below causing the water vapor to rise slightly. Just a touch of convection is all. Still looks neat, though. A slight microclimate maybe.

HD! Thanks for commenting and for the compliment man! I have UVL Red Sun, Fiji Purple, and Giesemann Lagoon Blue in each fixture. The other bulbs are Giesemann Midday's and AquaFlora's. It does make for a nice colorful tank with all of those combinations.

Odd, about the orchids....I have all the varieties in both high light and lower light conditions. None have given me any flowers yet. Oh well....then again, I've only had them for three months or so. I'll give them a little more time.
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