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Need help IDing plants! PLEASE =< (lots of pictures)

Hi, I am trying to convert my sorority into a planted tank, so i tried ordering some plant packages online. But the person i was ordering from ran out, so instead he sent me a trim package. He sent alot of plants for 30 bucks, but i have no clue what they are!

Thanks in advance!!

Please help me ID them so I can google them properly plant them (buried or float or weighted down), and place them (background foreground middle?)'

Even if you just know the name that is fine!

1. Some kind of Bacopa (Green_flash, sarahspins, JMN16150)

2. Cyptocoryne lutea and crytocoryne wendtii (JMN16150, pirayaman)

3. Dwarf hair grass(sarahspins) or long hair grass (JMN16150)

4. Ludqwiga repen (JMN16150, pirayaman) or Ludwigia glandulosa (AirstoND, Azfishkid)

5. Rotala sp, rotundifolia (JMN16150)

6. Erios Pakeri (Green_flash, JMN16150)

7. rotala (pirayaman, JMN16150)

8. Jungle val?

9. Anubias Nane Petite(green_flash, JMN16150)

10. Cabomba caroliniana (JMN16150, pirayaman) or limnophila sessiliflora (aokashi)

11. HG dwarf baby's tears or micranthemum (JMN16150) or glosso (pirayaman)

Also got this from a nice friend, LOTs and LOTS of moss. He doesn't know what type.
Xmass moss/mini (Green_flash, sarahspins, JMN16150)

Sorry if the pictures are HUGE, i dont know how to resize in BB code =<

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