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Originally Posted by abc View Post
are you sure about safeguard/panacur not working? I have been reading the old posts and the referred links. it appears to have worked for many. it's all my local petsmart has and I don't want to order something online I would like to start now before the infestation gets out of control.

anyone try safeguard/panacur with 5.5 gal? I'm going to move forward and give it a try if no one responds but just wondering how other people measured out/divided up a 1g bag for a
Yep, many people have used in 5.5 gallons. I've personally sold over 1000 1 gram packets at cost. Once in a while I hear about a snail dying or someone saying it killed their tetra or something, but 99.9% of people using it have been fine.

Planaria need 2-3 doses over a week to kill, because they hide deep in the substrate.

Just dose 1/20th of a packet, or eyeball it.
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