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Some questions about FugeRay

I own 2 FugeRays and 1 Ray2. My one FugeRay is 12" and awesome, grows HC and DHG, it's about 12" above substrate but with open top. It works great! My 48" FugeRay on my 75 gallon is nice but doesn't seem to grow many plants. My crypts are growing alright, anubias is too. But my swords will not grow like they used to with just even a T8 on top. The leaves stay only 7 inches high and doesn't grow very big. My ozelot sword makes leaves only 4 inches high. Many stems seem to not do to well either. Alternanthera wound up dying and other plants just never grew very tall. My java fern as well even seems to stay on the small side. The light should definitely be enough to grow these types of plants from the PAR readings it gives. I mean the fugeray at 12" is enough to grow HC pretty lush and a dense carpet. Is there something wrong here with the light? The old T8 or two seemed to have better results. Could it be the glass top really cutting down on the light that much? The glass is pretty clean and clear. If it's not the glass top, then what else could it be?

Second question would be with the FugeRay again. If I had to use the glass top, would it be okay for the fugeray to see on top of the glass without the legs to get the light closer or would that cause any issues like over heating?

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