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Originally Posted by abc View Post
are you sure about safeguard/panacur not working? I have been reading the old posts and the referred links. it appears to have worked for many. it's all my local petsmart has and I don't want to order something online I would like to start now before the infestation gets out of control.

anyone try safeguard/panacur with 5.5 gal? I'm going to move forward and give it a try if no one responds but just wondering how other people measured out/divided up a 1g bag for a
I've done it before. I just divided the contents of a packet a few times to get a rough estimate of 0.05g since I don't have a digital scale. It's not water soluble so you'll have to grind any large granules down before adding it to the tank. I dosed a total of 3 times with 48 hours between doses. The hydra weren't affected by the first dosage. After the second dosage they started to contract into little balls on the plants and glass. After the third dose, I couldn't find any more hydra. It didn't kill any snails (pond and MTS) but it did eradicate all the hydra. Though there was no shrimp in the tank when I was dosing. YMMV.

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