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I'm very technically minded. I skimmed the PAR sticky and it made a lot of sense.

Upgrading my hood will be no problem assuming the new electronic ballast will fit in there with a 24" light. My stand, tank trim and hood all match. If it were up to me, I'd get a diamond plate fixture from Home Depot and make a flush fit top out of acrylic but the tank is in the living room and my wife would not be happy about that.

If you use separate dry fertilizers how do you know what your tank needs? Are there tests or do you know from experience?

I'd rather test and only add what is needed as opposed to dosing generic bottles of micro and macro ferts and hoping it all works out.

I found a sorta local pet store that has several planted display tanks that are not running CO2. Not sure if I can get out in this storm but I'm going to try to check out their setup.

It sure would be convenient if they had a tank that my wife liked the aesthetics. I could copy their equipment, plant, and fish setup and trial and error it from there.

The water is not crystal clear today. You can clearly see small particles floating around. Also the algae growing on the tips of the grass and red plant is substantial enough that I can get a picture of it. Any idea what that stuff is? There doesn't appear to be any growing on the glass yet. What would be the best way to deal with that crud.

Mental note need a timer for the light. My wife likes to run the light as a night light as along as she is up. Not good lol.
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