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I don't know if there is an official designation based on land/water ratios or anything, but I tend to think of classifications like this:

mostly land (maybe a waterfall or a stream or something incidental), and has critters in it.

mostly/entirely land, primarily/only plants

pretty much an aquarium with plants growing out, maybe a few ledges or an exposed backdrop or something. Mostly water (I think it comes from some root word relating to rivers, but I'm not certain)

Both land and water, close to an even mix. I think the name comes from some root word meaning swamp or marsh or something.

I'm not certain if there are other categories in common use.

Anyways, it looks like you've got some sort of pothos and a peace lily in there, they should both do good. I'm not sure about the snake plants (Sanseveria spp.) - I haven't tried them before, and I was under the impression that they may do better in a drier/well drained substrate. plus, they are pretty slow growing.

Any plans for critters/fish?
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