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For anyone following along, this tank is still doing well. It's been running a week shy of a year now.

Over the summer the Rili stopped breeding. Once I got my AC in they started back up. In September I added some OEBT to the tank and switched from tap to RO water. I can't say I noticed any change really.

Currently there's about 10 pregnant mamas, and about 15 more saddles wandering about. I only ever see 3 tigers at a time, but they're always pregnant too. I just saw the first babies last night (or I assume they were tiger babies, as they had no color but orange eyes).

The plants are doing well. I started with a whole lot, but over time removed the ones that weren't doing so great. I kept the 2 types of moss and added some fissidens. I got rid of the Hornwort and Anacharis. I do a 10% water change weekly and although the string algae still comes and goes a bit, it's very minor compared to where it was, and isn't really noticeable.

Over the summer I stopped updating when I started building 4 new tanks. I liked this one so much I filled them up with all kinds of other shrimp. It's another self built stand that houses 4 15-gallon tanks and they are all visible from 3 sides. All of the wires and framework is hidden for a very clean and natural look.
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