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Originally Posted by trgiboney View Post

Never thought about discus may need to do some research. Also I dont see them in my lfs but then again I don's see chilids but they have told me the can order them for me.

I have looked at sites that I can order chilids but never seen on for discus can you please send me a message if you have sites that you order them from.

I will look at your post to see what you have and your tanks if pics are posted.

Do you have problems with discus and plants.

My wife is stearing me toward angels

Yes, if you consider keeping a discus tank, you'll want to do a good deal of research ahead of time to ensure you succeed.

I suggest you go to the forum, and read the Stickies in the 'Discus Basics for Beginners' section. My illustrated guide to getting started with discus is located there. It is also located here on this forum as well - click on the first sticky in the 'FISH' section and you'll find it.

50% of succeeding with discus is getting good quality stock of a decent size (more mature) fish to begin with, and only from a well-known, experienced and reputable supplier of quality fish.

There are several top-of-the-line suppliers in the U.S. - all of them sponsors in the forum - 'Sponsors' section. Some of the best are Kenny's Discus in Daly City, Ca.; Hans' Discus in Baltimore; Central Ohio Discus, (Mike Beals) near Columbus, and Chicago Discus (Josie) in Chicago. They all supply & air ship high quality discus, and guarantee live delivery.

Discus require somewhat more care & attention than most other freshwater tropical fish, but are not difficult to keep successfully if you follow a few simple 'rules'.

I've been keeping them for years and love their beauty, grace, and vivid colors and patterns. Here's a few sets of pics of my planted discus tank set-ups over the past couple of years, for you to have a gander at:

Should you decide to consider keeping discus, I'd be happy to guide you through it, step by step - so don't hesitate to contact me at any time.

All the best to you, no matter what you decide.
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