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Originally Posted by sbarbee54 View Post
Crush it up and get a little amount in your fingers tips and dose. You will only OD them with a bunch.
looking through some old threads on planeria and hydra, I have them! Argh! I was just getting the algae under control in my 5.5gal planted tank. now this. I removed the nerite snails. I'm just stuck on how much to dose. If I have a 1 gram bag of Safeguard (= 222 mg Fenbendazole).

If I divide that by 10, will that work? I have 10 doses per bag?

I'm going to have a bear of a time eye-balling this. Would the pinch method work? anyone try this?

Otherwise I could use a razor and the back of my petri glass dish and cut up the powder 10 ways and try to put each portion into a separate bag for future doses.

I was thinking:

Day 1: dose
Day 2: no dosing and just see if it's working
Day 3: dose
Day 4: no dosing
Day 5: no dosing
Day 6: dose one last time
Day 7: WC

Do you think this is a good method or would you WC with each dose?

Just wondering if I should build up the safeguard by not WC till the end or WC each time I dose.
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