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Originally Posted by xmt View Post
Thanks. It's been up and running for about 45 days now. I was told that the German Blue Rams were ok to put in community tanks, and that they were generally peaceful. I had a 55g cichlid tank nearly a decade ago, but I don't remember ever having a GBR, so I wasn't sure about them, and had a gullible moment there in the lfs. I'll remember to do more research prior to buying next time.

On a side note, my Gourami seems to have calmed down considerably in the last 8 hours, and my rams are coloring up again. I hope it lasts.

I should be cycling my tank soon, I'd be interested in taking those Blue Rams off your hands if you are thinking about keeping the Gourami. If not what's the name of the LFS that has them? I was going to order mine online, but Daytona isn't that far (i'm in Orlando).


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