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After I brought home my Rams, I noticed the same thing with my female, although she had a healthy appetite. My GBR's showed some pre-spawning behaviour, their color was super vivid, and they were even preparing a slate rock for spawning. This was about the second day after I brought them home needless to say I was pretty amped. It was then I noticed her distended anus and became worried, (although I have noticed the same thing with female trout around their spawning time) she did have normal looking feces, after googling images of GBR's I noticed it (distended anus) on more and more females of Breeeding pairs so I wrote it off as some sort of spawing adaptation. She is still healthy and happy now. On a side note... around day 6 of having the GBRs in my tank I noticed a small white spot on the males fin...ICH! (I couldn't quarantine...chastise me if you want but sometimes it is not an option) at anyrate I raised my temps and started to treat with salt and that seemed to throw them off the spawn. Now I can't seem to shake this Ich, it seems as though 1 of my hatchet fish always has 1 and 1 mean just 1 spot on its caudal fin..but that is for a different thread . Good Luck with your Ram and hopefully with time, patience & luck she'll return to normal behavior.

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