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The EA employees also have no clue about fish... They sold a family who had obvisouly JUST setup their tank 2 microswords (and with the hoods from most kits... eww that must have made a mess) and 8 guppies.

One of the guys from their old location sold me 3 neon tetras and a "pair" of guppies. This was when I didn't know much, but I later discovered what he had claimed was the female guppy was just a plain male guppy. The so called "Fish Doc" who told me I couldn't get more fish but I could get a catfish said tiger barbs could live alone... As well as cories. YIKES!

They also keep a high-flow filter in the discus tanks. They had a tank of wild discus with a high-flow filter once, and those discus were just about dead.

Sorry if I'm getting off topic . Well, atleast if you know your stuff EA's got some healthy fish.

But I still LOVE AC- I'm going to get a pair of german blue rams and three more cories as soon as my 29-gallon settles down .

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