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Wow, thanks for this acitydweller, I've wondered about some of the ferts available at the home improvement stores... I may give this a shot. I already have a small plastic container with a bit of Java moss and a couple of snails in it, but no ferts at this time. It doesn't seem to be growing much right now. Now, I really want to go to Home Depot and see if I can find that Miracle Gro

Originally Posted by acitydweller View Post
Over the years, i've become better at asking pointed questions rather than just posing a problem as this seems to get to the heart of the answer one seeks. One of the challenges of DYI CO2 is instability. Its a fantastic gateway drug into a high tech setup so you will see some benefits in it (along with the shortcomings).

I do not have experience with any of these ADI products and cant comment though you must understand if moss can grow a dark green for someone like me off a windowsill in my office with no filtration, all the co2 and other stuff is likely overkill and notably not bringing the benefits they market. Try to keep things simple as adjustments and tuning are much easier.

Amano obviously knows what he is doing Take into account that the tanks which house altums are fairly and he does strive to create a balanced ecosystem in his tanks. You will never catch him dead using DYI co2... just saying Take into account that there's a balance of all things (bacteria, slow/medium/fast plants, various materials in the substrate, varying factors in both intensity of light and potency of co2 that all goes into his creations) Just seeing the beauty of his work is just scratching the surface.

Back to what i was saying about keeping things simple. I went to home depot to pick this up:
This has a measure of 8-7-6 for NPK and i first used it in a random quart container and some java moss that seemed to be brown and dying. Before using fertilizers, the moss sort of just stayed the same not getting better but not getting worse for about 3 weeks by the window. 3 pond snails were added and fed once a week but still to no benefit. I think i paid $4-5 for this bottle. The first signs of growth came within the first week with new strands of moss emerging from the old growth. After 3 weeks, the green growth seemed to take over about 50% of what seemed to be the old brown moss. As of two weeks ago. i gave the moss away in my RAOK which would have appeared to be crisp, lush and new as if it came out of my own shrimp tank.

I hope you can experience the happiness i had with this little experiment with ferts. it simply works and im sure anyone here can spare a small plastic container, some java moss and a window sill with about 4-5 hours of sun to test this out.
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