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I imagine a lot depends on what your prof wants you to get out of this...

Anyways, I like bikinibottom's suggestion, the whole siesta-period bit tends to stir up controversy, so if you could set up a couple of small tanks (again, depending on how rigorous your prof wants it...) with floating plants (measure weight before putting in, try to approximately equal amounts to all tanks, and measure again weight again at the end of the experimental period). Although it would be pretty hard to quantify, it would be pretty low effort to also take pics of the tanks at regular intervals. especially if you end up doing some sort of poster or something, a beginning, middle, and end pic of siesta versus continuous photoperiod (if there is a difference) can add a lot of interest to the write-up, even if you all you have is 'this looks like it grew more'

btw, do you have access to any sort of equipment for measuring/testing, or is your class focusing on lowtech/lowbudget types of projects?
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