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Originally Posted by ravensgate View Post
Nope, not gunna Last batch I moved the female to her own tank, took her out the minute I saw the babies had climbed off, could only find one at the time and I had only been gone for 3 hours. She had them all when I left, when I came back she had one still attached and one in the tank. The one in the tank molted about an hour after I found him and he got stuck in his molt. I helped him out of it. He lived for probably another 5 days then just disappeared. Nothing in the tank but snails and him. The baby she had stuck to her was moving fine on her belly, I went to intentionally spook her to see if he'd shake loose and he fell off dead. So my 'efforts' aren't going into them anymore after all that. They can either live on their own or not. But that baby that lived for 5 days couldn't walk hardly at all the first two days. Laid on his back most of the time threatening to die. Then he perked up and started actually being mobile. Then he was gone.

The first batch she had I never saw them. Saw them clinging to her belly one day, then they had walked off and I never saw any survivors. I shall assume she ate them all in the few hours I was away.

And yes, Puddles, those are CPOs.
Idk then, maybe check water quality but I've had them live anywhere from ph 6.5-8 and gH 4-14.

Babies are usually hardy as nuts too. Should be much easier than shrimp.
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