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Originally Posted by manzpants92 View Post
As of now i don't have a "set experiment" that i wanna carry out. Any suggestions would be good!

I was thinking either something that involves growth of plants under certain conditions or possibly if plants would take up enough nutrients to avoid filtration. As of now I'm just trying to gather idea's

My bulb that im using is just a spiral CFL 27W. I have a window in my room so I have the option of avoiding sunlight or making it available
Well, limit the plants to a weeds, hornwort as mentioned= good, no roots to deal with or sediment sources.

This will have a very high growth rate/response.

You might do a CO2 enrichment vs non CO2 enrichment growth comparison.
You can still use the SAME tank, but you do each test as a block.
So weeks 0-2: 1 Block, say non CO2.
Week's 2-4 Block 2 , say CO2. I'd do at least 2 replications.
Add a student's t test and Y error bars.

Then make an argument about how weeds will grow faster with increasing man made CO2 enrichment into the air etc. Should get a decent grade.

If you can vary the light intensity, you can also do an experiment on cytoplasmic streaming inside live Egeria densa plant cells. You will need a microscope with a scale on it. Then state why the chloroplast are increasing or decreasing their speed.

You can also use DIY years for CO2 source, cost: free pretty much.

Duckweed or Azolla are always favorites.

You could measure copper or any heavy metal toxicity in small test wells.

Tom Barr
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