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Aquascape! Need help.

Hey everyone! I really want to turn my basic 10 gallon tank into a awesome Aquascape. I am really now, but determined to make a Aquascape tank for my Betta. I wanna make it nice and neat, and I'm planning to add some community fish to the tank.

Please give me a straight answer on what to get rather then "Just get any sand that's good for Aquarium". Not to be rude or anything lol. Just wanna make picking the items easy as possible, since setting up is the hardest part.

I can work with any price (That's reasonable) but I wanna try and keep it under $150ish. But if I have to go a bit more, I will, in order to get the proper stuff for my dream Aquascape tank.

Tank specs:
Top Fin 10 gallon
AquaClear 30(I believe its that one.)
Eheim 75W heater
Aqueon Modular LED Aquarium Light.

Thank you for taking your time to read and help me in creating my dream Aquascape!
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