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Hello from Palm Coast

I just recently got back into the hobby of spending all my money at the local aquarium store, and I'm really excited about it . I got myself a little 25g to ease back into owning a tank again. It amazes me how much I've forgotten about fish-keeping.

Ok, so my 25g is a moderately planted, dirted tank with a layer of gravel above the soil. For lack of money, and time to build a diy sump, I'm rocking a Fluval C3 hob filter with peat, a fluval ammonia remover sachet, and some ceramic c-nodes. My water quality isn't the greatest, but it is slowly getting better, and for the most part my fish have acclimated very well. I just ordered a new light today which will arrive sometime next week.

The tank is stocked with 1 hand fed African Dwarf Frog, 5 Harlequin Rasboras (used to be 7, but new tank syndrome took 2 of them in the beginning); 4 otocinclus; 1 dwarf rainbow gourami; and 1 large black mystery snail. Apparently there were a lot of snail eggs on the plants I bought, because in the last month, the population has grown to well over 130 dime sized apple, ramshorn, and nerites (I removed about 50 of them to a temporary container today). Today, I went by the nearest aquarium store (in Daytona 40 minutes away), and got 2 Peppered Cory cats; 4 yoyo loaches (to work on my exploding snail population); a Chocolate BN Pleco; and very foolishly, 2 German Blue Ram cichlids, because I listened to bad advice from the shop owner, and was told they would "get along great" with my dwarf gourami.

Normally, I do my research ahead of time, but I purchased the rams on a whim today, and I've been kicking myself since I put them in the tank. Immediately after introducing the rams into the tank, my gourami (normally very chill, and curious about everything) started raging and chasing the rams around the tank. I've got several rocks placed in the tank, forming a total of 3 caves to hide in, and with the plants I have in there, I figured that would be enough shelter that everyone would get along, but apparently I was mistaken. When I got them, they had amazing coloration, but they're completely pale from the stress of nonstop DG aggro. Unfortunately I don't have a quarantine tank set up yet. I hope they survive until morning so I can return them, and inform the owner that DG's don't get along with rams at all.

Photos to come soon.

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