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Originally Posted by styxx View Post
What I want to know is where in the world did you get all that Seriyu stone!? I want some large pieces like you have so badly, I'd sell my first born!

Bonsai nursey used to sell it but they no longer carry it due to the increase in fuel cost to ship it here.

The plants are doing great with minimal algae. I added amano shrimp and nerites about a week ago. Last night I added the first green neon. Today I came home and the green neon is still alive so ill add 9 more and take a picture. By Saturday I hope to add sandidanio axelrodi blue, becuase those are a little more delicate.

ADA 120P x2 Iwagumi ADA 75P, 60Px3, 30Cx3 ADA Mini S solar (LED) Mini M solar Do!aqua Mini M
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