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Handlebar's Planted 55g! Locally Collected Hardscape!

Well, first off I'll do the quick introduction. I've been in and out of aquariums, with many different fish, though moving through college, multiple multiple moves, from dorms, to shared spaces, I finally am a home owner, and don't plan on moving for a very long time.

So that was then, and this is now.
What I have:

Tank: 55g
Dimensions: 48 1/4 x12 3/4 x21 (I believe)
Heater: Jager 250w Heater
Filtration: Marineland Emperor 400
Lighting: Marineland T5HO 54wx2 8 Hours Daily
Substrate: Play Sand, rinsed of course

My current Plans are to go find some more safe rock from the local river, I prefer the more rugged jagged rock as opposed to the smooth bedrock, along with a much larger driftwood piece on the open area. I'm pondering what kind of flora to use to cover the bottom, I really like the look of HC but am doubting I can sustain it with just root tabs and other fertilizer, and dwarf hairgrass I'm not so sure how it will do in my substrate. I'm also looking for some sort of small lilly pad like plant at the top of the tank. Foreground I'm thinking some sort of Sword? I'm really fishing for ideas...budum tsss...erm anyways.

As far as fish I really enjoy the shoaling fish, and the peaceful community, so some sort of tetra I would imagine, along with a healthy community of shrimp, I love the look of CRS (but don't we all?) but I'm not sure how hardy they are compared to the RCS. I've had success with Ghost Shrimp and breeding them prior, and that is what I would like to have with the CRS/RCS.

Thoughts on some flora, ideas, thoughts, and what not. I will update this regularly.

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