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Why do you keep the temps so high? None of these fish or livestock require such high temps. Consider dropping temps down to 72-74 and everyone will be happier (and less baked)

Originally Posted by newbieplanter View Post
Temp 82 day time 78-79 night time
GH 75ppm
2 T12s 20watts 6500k
3 Cory cats
2 flourecent tetras
2 Chinese algee eaters
2 orange tetra and 1 neon tetra
6 ghost shrimp
1 albino pleko the other died today
And 4-5 baby snails
The moss is flame moss on 3x3 squares of SS mesh its in an acrylic tank inside the 20gal in the left corner about 2-4" from the light and about 1.5-2" from top of water there is nothing even covering the bulbs not yet anyway
PH 6.8
No3 reading 0-20ppm
No2 reading 0
Mg/l chlorine 0
KH 40-80ppm
If I missed anything let me know ill post a pic in a sec too.

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