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Very Late Update >__< DAY 25

Hey everyone, sorry for not updating daily >___< been very busy..

Anyways, heres a little update on the aquarium. I already did a mega trim on Didipilis, hair grass, and zosterfolia, since they all grew much to fast.

I have a school of 7-9 Galaxy Danios, and 5 bronze tetras, pair of scarlet basis, 3 ottos, 1 reticulated hillstream loach, 1 borneo hillstream loach, pair of stiphodon gobies, and a 24+ PFS.

Current Plants:
Rotala nanjenshon, wallichii, singapore,macranda "japan red", zosterfolia, golden-nesea, barclaya longifolia red, S. Repens 49, Downoi, limnophilia hippuroide, Didipilis Diandra, Dwarf Hair Grass, Erio 'Japan', Blood Vomit, and Glosso, and random mini-pellia :p

Pressurized CO2 at 2-3 BPS 5 hours

Lighting: 6.6 WPG 6 hours

Ferts: NPK

twice a week water changes with 75% RO & 25% TAP
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