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My Aquasoil is fine, just all the vaccing the cyano off the top mixed up my powder and normal types so it looks bad... I hope to have very little or no substrate showing eventually, so it doesn't matter a whole lot to me.

Cyano's still there, I just did a water change last night and vacced most of it off. There's still some growing on the driftwood (which is STILL not 100% waterlogged yet I might add).

I looked at 2 LFS for some plants the other day but they had very little for fast growing/stems, lots of cabomba but I hate the stuff!

Dosing more P seems to be helping, I am dosing ~1ppm weekly. My fish are very happy, other than the one harlequin rasbora that died... but the cardinals look great. I was worried they were going to be stressed out from the move but they settled in really well.
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