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Originally Posted by aokashi View Post
Maybe you can try answering these questions so that we can narrow down the variables...

what is your water temperature?
water hardness?
tank size?
position of moss in tank? (how well lit is it?)
other params?

what kind of moss did you get?
Temp 82 day time 78-79 night time
GH 75ppm
2 T12s 20watts 6500k
3 Cory cats
2 flourecent tetras
2 Chinese algee eaters
2 orange tetra and 1 neon tetra
6 ghost shrimp
1 albino pleko the other died today
And 4-5 baby snails
The moss is flame moss on 3x3 squares of SS mesh its in an acrylic tank inside the 20gal in the left corner about 2-4" from the light and about 1.5-2" from top of water there is nothing even covering the bulbs not yet anyway
PH 6.8
No3 reading 0-20ppm
No2 reading 0
Mg/l chlorine 0
KH 40-80ppm
If I missed anything let me know ill post a pic in a sec too.
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