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135 gallon community

Haven't posted anything here in awhile, but we're getting ready to work on our 135 gallon tank and I need some major help. I'm so used to working on nanos that I'm feeling overwhelmed. I had this set up once before and didn't like how it looked, so it was emptied and used to winter my goldfish. The weather's getting warmer here and our pond is up and running again, so it's almost time to set the tank up again. Here it is in it's current state with the piece of wood I just bought for it:

Some things I have planned for it:

  • Low light (leds), no co2, root tabs and/or light dosing
  • Black diamond or pool filter sand. I have enough eco complete for it, but didn't like the look the first time around.
  • FX5 with spray bar
  • Large school of rasboras (probably harlequin or similar) and panda cories. Otos. Probably some shrimp as well.

Beyond that I'm drawing a blank. I need suggestions for the scape and plants. I already have the wood and don't want to spend a fortune on rocks. I have a bunch of (very) small yamaya stones and a couple pa hai stones available. Suggestions are greatly appreciated! I'd like to get plants bought in the next week or two so I can start as soon as the goldfish are moved outside.


Current FTS (May 22):

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