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I haven't actually started filling the tank yet, I'm still in the beginning stage where I'm getting all my equipment and such. I just got an Aquatop CF500 which I think will suffice a 75 just fine and I'm not really interested in getting an inline since it could reduce the flow. But I'm defiantly looking at the Jager's they have the best reviews so far.

Btw I do have glass tops but they're pretty much coated in mineral deposits I've tried vinegar, CLR and both of them didn't really do much. I don't really want to buy some new glass tops since they'd be another $40, I'm on a tight budget. Any other ideas...

Also, the reason why my tank is in my basement is that I'm skeptical our floors can support the weight. I know some members have even larger tanks than mine on their floors, so is this a problem or am I just paranoid.
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