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Originally Posted by Nubster View Post
I know you are super busy and I'm not in a hurry, but if possible, could you post up the water parameters for your tigers? The last ones I got from you were simply awesome but they didn't do well for me. I want to try them again but I want to make sure my water is as close to your water as possible so they might do better this time around. Also, what substrate are you using and are you using RO water and remineralizing? Any tips you can give for keeping these guys would be awesome. Thanks!

oops! Just saw this, sorry about that!
I use my tapwater, which has unique parameters. My TDS is pretty low, for well water, usually around 150. My pH is 7.4ish, but my gh is 6, kh 7 which gives a general hardness of about 115. Their tank temperature is 72, and I do not use substrate. They have stacked driftwood and a lot of anubias and other rhizome type plants. Despite my higher pH, my water is actually considered on the soft side.
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