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Originally Posted by Aquaticus View Post
I've got a ballast, bulbs, reflectors, end caps, everything. Now I just need to build the fixture. I do not want to go the hood route, but I need a housing for the bulbs (2). I could make it out of:
  1. Wood: Totally customizable. Needs paint/finish. Good light spread. Heavy?
  2. Vinyl Gutter: Super cheap, light, waterproof. Ballast would have to be hidden. Poor light spread for two bulbs. Looks?
  3. Metal: ???

Please post pics of your DIY fixture or housing. Thanks!
Hi Aquaticus,

Here is a DIY thread for a compact fluorescent 'gutter light' I built with an AH Supply kit which included a MIRO 4 highly polished reflector.

AH Supply compact fluorescent kit mounting in vinyl gutter

My next project will be to put together the same system with the new AH Supply LED Lamp arrays. Here is the DIY thread showing the LED Lamp array retrofitted into an old All-Glass strip light housing.

AH Supply LED Lamp array mounted in old All-Glass fixture housing

45 Gallon Tall; 96 Watt AH Supply CF; 6700K; & 30 Gallon Long; 2X36 Watt AH Supply CF; Press. CO2; UGF; Heat Treated Montmorillonite Clay
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