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I think acity got it spot on. A lot of pet store plants are grown emersed or out of water in big plant farms. Because they are grown out of the water, bugs are a problem, so the plants are heavily sprayed with insecticide to keep the bugs off them. BA's usually gets new shipments in on Tuesdays, so if they were new plants just in, they probably barely had time to be in the water or let the bug spray wash off or be filtered out.

Sucks on loosing the TB babies, and your other critters. Part of the reason my planted tanks are planted tanks with fish, and my shrimp tanks are bare. Less things in, less chance for something bad, whether it's plants, substrate, whatever.

I have put BA's plants with the metal rings in my tanks before and never had a problem, even ones with shrimp, so I think it may have been new plants coming in, probably grown in a big farm out of water that are sprayed with bug poison.

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