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yes it probably was some type of bacteria that was on the plants...I did manage just now to fish 2 amanos on their last legs out and put them in another tank with an airstone that I had setup for the Taiwan babies to go into.

They are still alive and seem to be reviving a bit....time will tell.

I did a 50% RO water change and took out the floss and rinsed out the sponge and added new floss to the filter, and took out all remaining critters.

will keep any living critters out of this tank for a few weeks.

Someone else said it was probably a chemical in the LFS plant tank that kills snails! They dose their plants before selling them.

Its my fault...I was tired from a day of driving around all over the place delivering/picking up things, and didn't think to put the plants into the other plant tank which has no living creatures in it....just popped them into the big plant tank and shut off the lights.

Hard lesson to learn I can tell you....I was just going to transfer these 9 baby BKKs/WRs to the other tank I had setup for them to grow out in....arrrggggghhh!
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