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is it safe to keep the plant iron band on in a shrimp tank?

I purchased some Red Rotala Macrandra and Myrophyllum Tuberculatem yesterday from our local Big Als...very nice highly red plants.

I added them to the plant tank last night....this am I found 2 of my amanos and 1 cpo dead, along with all 9 of my 6 week old baby Taiwans that were in the breeder box attached to this tank.

I know I am at fault for something but don't know what I did wrong???

Could the red plants have given off some type of poison or could they have been fertilized in a tank with lots of copper (copper being deadly to shrimps) or was it the iron band leeched something into the water.

I am devastated at this loss, and trying to find an answer as this was the ONLY thing that was added last night. The shrimps were all fine at that time, so it happened during the night.
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