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I need basic set-up help!

I'm re-entering the hobby after a 14 year absence, older and wiser (I hope).

This regards a 90 gal all-glass (plastic framed) tank purchased new in 1996, with a manufactured for aquarium use wood (pine) stand, also circa '96.

Set in it's place on my carpeted (thin commercial grade with no pad) basement floor, checked for level and was a little off (1/4 in per 4 ft). No surprise - no biggie, level it later.

So, I started filling it with water as a leak teast. Filled it up about 25% and let it rest for a day-no leaks. Up to 50% next day, and again waited 24 hrs and no leaks. 3rd day filled it to the top and waited again 24 hrs -no leaks!

Thanks for reading through my leak test procedure, but bear with me please!

So, now that I'm confident the old girl won't leak, I started to drain the water. While it was doing it's thing, I did a "walkaround"; kinda like a fighter pilot does with his aircraft before flying a sordie, and noticed a sliver of light coming from between the tank and stand.

When it finished draining, I accessed that the tank does not firmly rest on it's stand in two (diagonal) corners, and along the front at a span of 3-7 inches from a corner. The gaps are at most the thickness of two sheets of standard printer paper, though.

I've googled far and wide, and there's all kinds of conflicting info on this. Very confused.... I want to get my aquarium up and running. What do I need to do???
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