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gnatster- You ripped that off a fish store commentary site without giving acknowledgement (I know this because I saw that entry)...

organic sideburns- I can say that the employee probably was having a busy day, and didn't see the extra 20 you gave him. Once when I gave the guy too much, he looked at me and apologized for his mistake (even though it was mine), and gave me back the extra money.

I've been to the Aquarium Center loads of times. Everyone was very knowledgeable, and would rather lose a sale then give me the wrong information. I bought my 90-gallon from there, and the guys were very helpful and nice. There was only two tanks with disease outbreaks, but they were new shipments under quarentine. I've had to wait a while to get service in the fish area, but the employees were trying to work the best they could.

The plants are healthy (except one or two that hadn't received enough light). The marine fish are always healthy and swimming around (except one or two in quarentine). All the reptiles look healthy and well cared for. It may be dark with only lighting from the tanks, but it gives it a public aquarium feel. I love the display tanks, especially the 125-gallon planted community.

I always recommend it to beginning hobbyists . I can't say enough about it!

No, I was not paid or told to say this.

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