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Plamskiís HD-Macro Shrimps Video Album.

Here is my first attempt to make HD video of the shrimps. Looks like it is much more complicated than still images because there are more ways to screw things up. Iíll try to improve my skills and to do in near future videos on all shrimps I have. Unfortunately YouTube lower Quality a lot.

New Video added
PRL Shrimps

New Video

Wine Reds and Red Bolts

NEW Video 04/09/2015


Here is a video of my PBL shrimp line. I have been keeping those shrimps for around 3 years already. They never produce anything else than PBL. The source of those PBL are: Benibachi A grade PBL, some little bit lower grade Benibachi PBL/forgot the grade/ and Black Impact PBL imported from Japan.
Because there are always speculation about how the shrimps colors looks in person compare to the video colors I decided to post some details.
Video quality: In order to have clear, sharp and noise free picture we need a lot of light. To get large area in focus we need large F stop -again light. The right colors: By rule, we see the colors when the light reflect from the object, so we need the right K rating color light to help that reflection.
Light used in this video is 4x24W T5HO fixture with 2x6500K bulbs-helping overall colors and produce enough light,1x 10000 K and 1x actinic 420 nm to help white and black colors.
Camera settings: Gain 0, F4, sharpness +1, auto white balance.
For me colors in the video match real colors 90-95%
Enjoy the video. Let me know how you like it.

Don't forget to watch it in HD quality.

New video 2/13/2015
Blue Bolts/Shadow Panda

6/18/2013 New short video
Shadow Panda- Mammy, Daddy and me
Watching quality 1080 is preferable.

Video 1: PFR Shrimps in 10 gal tank.

Tangerine tigers:

Red Tigers:

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