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Hi Shift, great work done on the labour intensive Edge. What do I know about tanks? Right? But hear me out if you will, remove a few things in the tank. I find that having more room to clean and easy access helps out a lot.

Try larger leafs plants?

The light for the 12 gallon is mostly in the middle and back with a bit at the side. I try to put my plants at the middle and side, you can't have tall plants in the middle because they will get hit with the current of the AC.

Oh and maybe a substrate for plants? Flourite Black or Sand, that white gravel doesn't look that great. It going to be such a pain to keep that gravel white in an Edge tank. Flourite Black is great at holding on to nutrients, you can dose Seachem excel. Oh and if you ever want to know a place in Canada that sells dry fertilizers (you might have problems with customs with online orders) I know a great place in Toronto.

EDIT - You end up with a life time supply of Dry fertilizers, maybe even two life times.

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